Happy Birthday Mami!

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A couple of days ago was my mother’s birthday. In my family, we usually have dinner together at my parents’ home and eat cake absolutely!

Actually I planned on making  Japanese Strawberry Shortcake because my mother loves the taste of fresh cream which not too sweet with a bit tangy strawberries. But my niece asked me to make Ballet Shoes Cake. Uh what?! You know how she got me made her giant Hello Kitty Cake for birthday, but I feel challenged to made that cake. I was pretty sure, I can make Ballet Shoes Cake as well. And I end up making three desserts.

Here’s the Ballet Shoes Cake, pretty good for beginner like me. Well I didn’t asked my sister’s help for decorating this cake, as you can see its a bit free style hahaa.. Next time I will come with the tutorial for making this Ballet Shoes Cake.

ballet shoes cake 1

ballet shoes cake 2

ballet shoes cake 3

The strawberries which originally I planned to use for making Strawberry Shortcake, now become ingredients to my all time favorite Strawberry Jelly.

strawberry jelly 2

strawberry jelly 1

And now for my new favorite, Floral Jelly.

floral jelly 1

floral jelly 2

floral jelly 3


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