Hello Kitty Cake

hello kitty cake

 I made this cake for my niece 4th birthday, because she’s a big fan of Hello Kitty.

I’m inspired after I saw this cake from i-heart-baking and themuckymacbook, their cakes is so amazing and beautiful. I tried to combine both of their methods for decorating the Hello Kitty cake, and ta-dah!

I got my sister draw me a Hello Kitty head template (because she’s really good at drawing compared to me). Place the template on top of the cake and cut around the template with serrated knife. I didn’t use Hello Kitty shaped pan because I think its expensive and I probably don’t make Hello Kitty cake too often.

The cake turns out quite big about 28x24x10 cm, well its a five layers of rainbow sponge cake with strawberry buttercream between the layers and not too sweet american buttercream.

My niece and her friends was so amazed after they saw the cake. And I’m really happy that she loved the cake very much.


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